Saving Space with a Convertible Bed to Desk Combo

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Transform Your Living Space with a Convertible Bed to Desk Design

There is a new phenomenon transforming small living spaces around the world without sacrificing the high-end aesthetic of a modern home. Convertible bed to desk combos have reshaped living spaces, transforming home offices, guest rooms and college dormitories into highly-functional open concept designs that combine utility and style in a unique fashion. More people are gravitating towards these new space-optimizers to help them make the most out of their living arrangement. Perfect for students, studio apartments and home offices, the Spaceformer bed and desk design allows you to live comfortably, save space and get things done no matter how small your living space is. Transform your bed into a desk with additional cabinetry to open up your room with added floor space without sacrificing the beauty of your home.

Be a Better Host

When we welcome friends, family and guests into our homes, we want to make them feel as comfortable as possible. Sometimes, we need our spare room for a home office and forcing our guests to crash on the couch seems like a less-than-ideal solution. This is where the Spaceformer can come in handy. We all want to be good hosts to our guests so that they feel comfortable visiting more often. However, it can be difficult to dedicate a space for an occasional visit. Rather than being forced to choose between the functionality of your home and your ability to be a good host, you can have both by installing a bed and desk combo. The Spaceformer design allows homeowners to transform their home office into a guest bedroom within seconds, without sacrificing the aesthetic of the room.

A Real Space-Saver

The Spaceformer is developing a standing as a real space-optimizer. Perfect for students, condos, small homes, studio apartments and apartment dens, the Spaceformer gives people the ability to live comfortably in their own homes without feeling confined by a limited amount of space. A bed and desk combo is perfect for situations where a bed would simply take up a greater portion of the room. Keep your floor space intact and work on your desk until you are ready to call it a day, then simply pull down your bed and transform your living space into a comfortable bedroom.

Transform the Studio Den

City living puts a premium on space and has forced residents to get creative at transforming their living spaces. The Spaceformer is a transformative space-saving design that provides a comfortable living solution for people living in places where space is limited. It helps residents make the most of their space without sacrificing their ability to be productive or get a good night’s sleep.
A convertible bed to desk combo is not only for use in places where space is limited; it can be used in rooms big and small, providing a flexible living arrangement in spare rooms or a place to spend the night when you’re working late in the home office. If you’re looking to save space without sacrificing comfort, aesthetics or functionality, look into Spaceformer bed to desk designs for your living space.


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